Enhance your official forms with safety printed elements to make them prone against adulteration, to make them valuable as if they were real money.

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It is very important for your company that your valuable official forms and documents could not be copied or counterfeited if they landed in the wrong hands. We are here to be your partner against the counterfeiters.

If it is time for your company to print forms, copying or counterfeiting of which could greatly damage your company, we will make sure our products protect you against such damage.

Due to our competence, and effective production we can not only guarantee that the product will be equipped wit security elements, but the production itself will run under strict security control.

Our technical solutions give protection, and also add aesthetic value to your product, making them more unique and valuable.

Our security print technologies:



Our company can offer you many kind of watermarked papers, please contact us for the details.

Security stripes

Security stripes gives you an extremely high safety against adulteration.

UV fibers

UV fibers

UV fibers are in the paper, and visible without any special control gadget.

Security inks – chemical protection

These inks are special, and have different accomplishment.



Holograms are available in a huge assortment, and gives you protection against copying and damaging.

Other follies

Other follies

Different kind of metal follies could be laminated on the paper as a security and beauty element.


After both side lamination the document became waterproof and it’s lifetime is getting longer.

Graphics elements

Micro writing, guilloche stripes, half tone images.